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The Paradise Koh Yao Resort & Spa and SERENATA Hotels & Resorts Group, applies a notion of sustainable tourism in our corporate mission statement, which includes the well being of our employees, support for local communities and protecting and preserving the environment. We offer jobs to locals and empower them to be able to work at professional standards of hospitality service, as well as teaching them to nurture their natural surroundings. Taking into account our commitment to following socially responsible policies, we are an environmentally friendly company that cares about the local people and the environment.

The following points summarize our philosophy:

1. Maintain the resort’s ecosystem and preserve local plants and wildlife habitat. Maintain the present habitat for the Hornbills and other species, present at the resort. Our resort is located in the jungle and we have a program to maintain the jungle habitat, by planting new trees and plants every month. In addition to our regular tree planting program, wedding couples plant coconut palms to commemorate their wedding day.

2. Help to reduce global warming by purchasing products and services that are environmentally friendly and compatible with the local environment. We produce a lot of our own organic vegetables and herbs in our organic garden. We invite guests to take a tour of the garden and learn more about Thai herbs. Besides being used in the dishes served in our restaurant, guests pick vegetables and herbs to cook with, when they take our cooking classes.

The resort has a smoke-free policy. We care about our guests’ and staff’s health, so all of our guest rooms and public rooms are non smoking areas. Our policy is in line with Thailand’s Smoke Free Law.

3. Manage and control wastewater disposal in order to avoid pollution of the environment and do our best to conserve water and energy. Each department follows a schedule for turning off air conditioners in offices. There is also a policy of turning off lights around the resort, that are not being used. Beach lights operate on timers and mini-bars are unplugged, in rooms that are not being used.

Our resort has a strong policy and goal of reusing and recycling plastic containers. Our staff is educated to be responsible for the environment and we use cloth bags wherever possible.

4. Minimize waste and be responsible in disposing of waste, so as not to disturb the local community. Our staff separates garbage correctly. Our bamboo garbage trash bins in the guest area, are divided into sections for recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste. Our recyclable waste is bought by recycling companies.

5. Recruit local residents from the island in order to generate additional income for the local community. Purchase local products and services which do not harm the environment, to support the local economy. Work to build a sense of environmental awareness in the local community. Participate in community activities, to improve the wellbeing of the local people.
6. Treat the staff fairly in line with the Thai labor laws. Build a solid social support system for the staff, in line with industry standards. Encourage staff participation in the staff welfare benefits and HR policies (via staff committees ).